Monday, 13 August 2012

How to correction crowded teeth?

Is also one of the important factors of affecting the teeth beautiful teeth crowded, so urgent orthodontics, orthodontics should be early implementation of the restoration of such teeth situation will be the best.

Crowded teeth causes occlusal relationship between the impacts on the lower jaw teeth, some teeth may be exposed to less than some teeth to withstand a greater force. Long-term excessive force, fatigue, dental, periodontal, will be overwhelmed, the damage is slowly emerging, eventually resulting in the premature shedding of teeth. Some teeth malalignment would interfere with the normal development of the upper and lower dental arch jaw, so that deformity is getting worse. Teeth crowded teeth corrected as soon as possible.

Bracket the stealth technology of straightening teeth crowding, traditional malocclusion correction is bonded on the teeth called bracket sheet iron, the correction of the arch wire ligation up so that the tooth is moved to achieve the purpose of orthodontics. But the feeling of the teeth with a lot of orthotic devices, giving the beak steel teeth. Meanwhile, if the oral hygiene maintenance is not good, and may cause gum inflammation, tooth demineralization discoloration, dental damage, so many patients dental equipment, particularly in adult patients with corrected fear.

Invisible orthodontics crowded advantage of the bracket:

1. Beautiful, almost completely invisible.

2. Comfortable, the entire orthodontic processes no longer feel the pain.

3. The convenient, self-pick to wear and to Do root canal therapy a hazard reduce the number requiring referral.

4. Clean, easy to maintain oral hygiene, gingivitis, tooth demineralization, discoloration and other problems.

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