Monday, 20 August 2012

What are the characteristics of the advantages of dental implants?

1. As strong as dental implants and natural teeth

Growing tooth root implanted in the edentulous ridge of the jaw in patients, and ultimately with the jaw to form a good and stable osseointegration crowns made ​​from high-strength ceramic materials, rugged wear. Periodic review, and maintain good oral habits, dental implants like real teeth, lasting sturdy.

2. Appearance of dental implant can be compared with real teeth

Planted tooth crown exactly like real teeth, made ​​of ceramic material, color, shininess, transparency, etc. With real teeth, and the shape of the computer personalized design, dental implant in the shape and dental equipment color can be deceptive.

3. Taste comfort of dental implant

Just later in the dental implant directly into the jaw, and so abandoned the traditional dental hook and sets, they do not denture, mouth feel very comfortable, no foreign body sensation, does not affect the normal pronunciation, feel like real teeth, so that you enjoy the fun of food.

4. No worn on both sides of healthy teeth

Long before patients need to install a fixed dentures worn missing teeth and healthy teeth on both sides, causing some damage to More teeth missing planted principle healthy teeth, dental implant is an independent existence, much less wear and tear on both sides of healthy teeth, very healthy and safe.

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