Wednesday, 29 August 2012

How prevention toothache?

Because of a toothache? Secondly, some dental also cause dental pain, for example:

Caries: caries early generally asymptomatic the cavities larger deep, there may be tooth pain when eating, eat sweets or too cold, hot food when the pain worsened.

Pulpitis: Multi deep caries not filled the pulp during infection, or chemical drugs or temperature stimulation, pain is spontaneous, paroxysmal pain, cold, heat the stimulus pain and percussion pain.

Root periapical: Multi pulpitis spread to the root canal mouth, caused by the periapical tissue inflammation. Presented with persistent tooth pain. Teeth elongation sense, touch, tenderness obvious, you can not bite food.

Dental trauma: such as accidental falls, bumps or eating bite sand because tooth fractures or teeth cracked, causing tooth pain.

Pericoronitis: wisdom tooth eruption difficulties, coupled with poor oral hygiene, causing the crown surrounding tissue inflammation, swelling and pain.

1. Common desensitization or anti-acid toothpaste: both toothpaste contains fluoride, and fluoride can prevent tooth to decalcification in an acidic environment, anti-acid, anti-age, only the effect of pain.

2. Eat acidic foods: If a tooth ache, you can use walnuts in your mouth and dental equipment chew, walnut alkaline food, slowly chewing acidic substances in and on the teeth, the teeth will not sore.

3. Friction with garlic and pain: suffering from more serious worn teeth, and clear sore area, the available raw garlic repeated friction sensitive areas, 1-2 times a day, every 1-2 minutes; 1-2 weeks after the soreness will be What can whiten teeth significantly reduced or disappeared.

4. Warm tea mouthwash: pulp nerve is more sensitive to temperature, especially those who suffer from tooth wear, tooth dentin exposure in the event of a cold stimulus can cause pain, and warm water is a natural protective agent for teeth can prevent allergic toothache; tea fluoride, commonly used warm tea gargle, oral health anticaries toothache.

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