Thursday, 30 August 2012

How nursing adults loose teeth?

Never give unplug for loose teeth, but rather to identify the cause and proper treatment. Through treatment, the majority of loose teeth can be retained, early treatment of the more, the better its efficacy.

1. Teeth to periodontal disease caused mild loose through the effective treatment of periodontal disease, and more will return to normal; if moderately loose, while the treatment of periodontal disease, also should loose teeth and adjacent to ligation fixed together to reduce the load of loose teeth to prevent tooth loose aggravated when loose teeth, the majority also can not be restored; severe loose, referring to the loose teeth III "means that the teeth no matter significantly loosened up dental equipment and down, Then disconnect the teeth of the method to use more, to avoid adding to the burden of unnecessary adjacent teeth.

2. Loose teeth due to traumatic mild loose, taking anti-inflammatory drugs, but the inflammation subsided, the teeth can automatically restore the solid state; if to loose serious or dislocation, displacement, should teeth reset, and then ligation fixed in the adjacent teeth, and taking anti-inflammatory drugs, maintain oral health, disable this tooth in the short term, over l ~ 2 months teeth can be restored to normal.

3. Loose teeth, periodontitis or periapical acute attack, the main treatment is to What factors affect dental implant effect control inflammation once the acute inflammation to ease, loose teeth situation can reduce or disappear.

4. Individual teeth together to excessive or abnormal occlusion occurs when loose teeth, generally by a doctor after adjustment bite eliminate occlusal trauma, alveolar bone can self-repair, teeth can be restored to a solid state.

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