Thursday, 9 August 2012

What activities are dentures?

1. Note that the right to take wears and must not use their bite force to make the dentures in place.

2. If any tenderness, higher bite uncomfortable, please contact the clinic doctors, and three hours of the treatment to wear dentures, easy to doctors to find a tender point.

3. Early wear dentures will have foreign body sensation, nausea, speaking of ambiguity, etc., the vast majority can gradually adapt, do not worry.

The full denture wearing into the generally lower teeth is easy to loose, you need patience to dental equipment adapt. Such as the retention is bad, please contact the clinic to arrange referral.

5. Night or not to wear false teeth and took off, must not dry up, otherwise the plastic dehydration deformation.

6. After each meal should be dentures take off cleaning and mouthwash, cleaning, be careful not to fall into the sewer. Travel, often false teeth forgotten in a hotel situation, is sure to How long does the dental needs pay attention!

7. Dentures the useful life of approximately 3 to 5 years of regular follows in order to tune the repair or replacement.

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