Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Denture how long it takes?

Patients with missing teeth can select the denture, but many people worry about the denture for a long time, affecting the work, dental how long it takes? Listen to the introduction of the Dental Hospital experts.

The teeth of the whole process can generally be divided into three steps:

1. Denture before the examination. Before dental doctors dental check-up, to listen to the guidance of a doctor for a set what kind of dentures. Should carry out appropriate therapeutic treatment of dental caries, periodontitis, and loose teeth.

2. Production teeth. Clean periodontal calculus, the Dental Hospital is going to go bite India, and then people give you to make.

3. Adaptation period. Also make a good adaptation period of two to three months, this period varies from four or five times as many as a dozen times to fix it, before it can be like your own teeth suitable.

Only refer to the actual operation of the dental general time to complete. Usually takes about an hour on it. However, if some of the problems of edentulous friends, need to be many times the complement of teeth only to have straight teeth.

Before denture without treatment and dental equipment root residues crown, loose 3 degrees or more, the absorption of alveolar bone near apical 1/3, or apical root weeks recurrent chronic inflammation of the teeth, as well as the impact of denture repair can not be retained teeth should unplug and then the teeth. The best time of the teeth is the best time in the 1-3 months after tooth extraction.

Repair of dentures can be divided into fixed restoration activities to repair the two forms, the patients according to how much their own missing teeth, and location and personal preferences with physician recommendations for the personal circumstances of the repair. Not blindly adopt the methods of teeth. If caries of the remaining teeth in your mouth, endodontics, root disease, according to their treatment of the principles of sound dental treatment. For too long teeth, drooping teeth or severely inclined teeth sensitive and can not tune grinding, you need endodontic treatment. Patients suffering from gingivitis, periodontitis should be scaling, deep scratch or periodontal surgery.

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