Monday, 5 March 2012

The life of dental implant

Deep implant bone dental implant can withstand normal chewing forces, functional and aesthetic almost like natural teeth, therefore, be called human teeth.

The dental implant of choice is sex excellent biological material compatible with the human body, the human body does not produce any adverse side effects. And the alveolar bone at the implant site, the dental implant to form functional stimulation, slow the absorption dental equipment of alveolar bone. As long as the implant-bone of the three-month observation period, combination of abnormal conditions, dental implants are without any sequelae, even if the dental implant Osseo integration failure is not successful dental implant, can be removed later to be bone healing to do the planting, or alternative repair method.

Dental implant life long, kinds of teeth first matter of concern, the oral clinical criteria of the medical profession, the five-year preservation rate of 95%, 10-year retention rate was 85 percent, experts, one of the first modern dental implants for missing teeth the perfect service for over 40 years! In fact, dental implants can be used there are individual differences, as long as good How the process of filling oral hygiene and regular inspection implant to maintain the same long-term and permanent teeth.

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