Monday, 19 March 2012

Treatment of periodontal abscess attention to points

1. Attention to oral hygiene

Develop early and late mouthwash after eating habits, gargle, and will be able to remove food debris between the articulate and maintain oral and dental health, so do not caries. If it is found of tooth caries, should be treated early. If not treated, deep caries, the bacteria and their toxins through the dentinal tubules or directly through wearing a pith hole infection pulp, which leads to inflammatory disease of the apical and periodontal tissues.

2. Protect teeth

Dental care is not down bumps, sharp force such as falls, collisions, etc., added to the teeth, often become the cause of periapical inflammation. If down bumps incisors. Dentist treatment should be made ​​as soon as possible. Can reduce or dental equipment eliminate the occurrence of the disease.

3. Dietary restraint

Usually wish to control your eating, do not eat too much hasty over spicy food Feiganhouwei, product, to prevent Xin heat, stagnation of stomach, the stomach and internal organs accumulated heat Yun steamed upside articulate and fat-based disease.

Treatment of periodontal abscess

Toothache teeth boil generally good prognosis. If the treatment is All-ceramic dental materials classification inappropriate or delayed treatment, resulting in cult poison into, loss and bone, long bone corrosion and the formation of the drain pipe. Once the formation of the drain pipe, you can pipe the long-term outflow of pus, even sequestrum discharged to become a dental leakage.

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