Friday, 2 March 2012

Female tooth must pay attention to the body

Women because some particularities of the body in the extraction of the time be sure to pay special attention to provide enough information before the extraction, to give doctors a doctor to determine the suitability of extraction.

When women in the menstrual period, pregnancy, lactation period is dental equipment not suitable for extraction. Exclude the extraction of other effects, the women in the tooth in the first 10 days of the menstrual cycle is most appropriate.

In the menstrual period, the female hormone levels changed, the extraction is easy to cause bleeding. Plus the bodies stress decreased saliva plasminogen activation substances increased after tooth extraction wound contact with the saliva, wound healing is slow, prone to bacterial infection.

Women should not be in the first trimester of pregnancy and three months after the tooth extraction. This is because the mothers in this period stimulated, likely to cause miscarriage and premature birth. Abortion, premature birth history, but should avoid tooth extraction during this period. Furthermore, after tooth extraction, some people may need antibiotic pills, certain Orthodontics How long will it take and their metabolites may reach the fetus through the placenta, and its adverse impact.

The lactation extraction for antibiotic pills, drugs and their metabolites can impact on the baby through breast milk. During taking birth control pills, birth control pills can make in vivo fibrin decomposition increases, so that the wound can not form a good clot, the bacteria take advantage of easy to cause infection, wound healing.

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