Wednesday, 15 February 2012

What is the material of the removable denture?

By virtue of the pick to wear and easy to clean, affordable and applicable to a wide range of removable dentures were welcomed by the community, people choose to do activities denture has a doubt, the removable denture materials what are, today we have materials and their advantages and disadvantages of removable denture to be described in detail.

When it comes to activities denture materials and overall denture base materials generally have resin, cobalt-chromium alloy, nickel chromium alloy, titanium alloy, and titanium of these materials.

Removable denture materials: resin

Early stage of the resin material is poor, there are a lot of imports or a special processing of the resin material quality is not inferior to other materials. The biggest advantage dental equipment of the resin material is cheaper.

Removable denture materials: nickel-chromium alloy

The nickel-chromium alloy material disadvantage is that long-term use may cause the metal ion free. Is easy to heat conduction, and the denture base thickness relative resin complete denture is thin and cheap.

Removable denture materials: cobalt chromium alloy

Biocompatibility of cobalt chromium alloy, hardness higher than that of nickel-chromium alloy, and its affordable price, belonging to a wide range of medium material.

Removable denture materials: titanium alloy

Titanium alloy affordable, belonging to a wide range of medium material. And its biocompatibility, hardness higher than that of nickel-chromium alloy.

Removable denture materials: pure titanium

Pure titanium drawback is the price higher. Advantage of the denture as a whole is thin compared with other metal alloys, light, and patients with high fitness, good biocompatibility, no side effects on the human body.

Is commonly used in dental clinical activities denture materials, the materials are applicable, the specific choice of what kind of removable denture materials and What circumstances susceptible to lip cancer concrete according to the patient's oral condition and the patients' financial ability.

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