Monday, 6 February 2012

Dental implant-supported telescopic crown full denture

The mankind has entered the aging stage; according to statistics about 15% of the elderly population is edentulous. When the dentition has the missing alveolar ridge to the lack of normal physiological stimuli, and thus of sexual physiological uptake in the oral rehabilitation of edentulous complete denture retention has been the problem of clinical repair.

The gold deposition through special technology of gold ions to form a layer of uniform thickness of sedimentary layers. The accuracy of the formation of the ordinary process cannot be achieved.

Telescopic crown known as the double layer crown in the 1920s introduced a dental prosthesis, the real development in the 1950s. Which is characterized by the dental equipment absence of residues in the majority of the dentition in a small number of teeth, Zhou disease splint occlusion?

Oral technology in developed countries in the late 1980s of the last century, the sleeve crown of gold deposition and effective combination of the 1990s, Europe's first to use gold deposition crown implant denture repair. Each implant designed as a separate sleeve crown, grinding planting to mention the upper part of the base stations using parallel grinding instrument, outside of base stations by the method of gold deposition to the formation of the outer telescopic crowns crown. Its advantages are: high accuracy, good stability, the implant is easy to clean, uniform force. The method is edentulous planting one of the complete dentures.

Clinical operations and the general steps: the implant two about six weeks after surgery, implant stability, and gums in good shape, conventional Remove the healing cap placed in the transfer of parts, the preparation of the model, remove the transfer component reset on the impression, placed the irrigation system for artificial gums gypsum to the laboratory in the generation of type. Laboratory base stations placed on the gypsum generation transfer parts directly on the abutment grinding the Experts have told you often toothache polymerization angle of 2 ° - 3 ° place Road, then the production of gold deposition within the crown back to the doctor. The doctor will ground abutment retention test with the gold deposition outside the crown, and modulo to the laboratory together with the gold deposition outside the crown again, and the rest are all produced by the craftsmen.

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