Monday, 16 July 2012

The orthodontics age requirements?

A lot of beauty to orthodontics to achieve the dream with a neat white. The orthodontics sub time periods, which allow consumers to get a better orthodontic effect. Orthodontics is divided into several stages?

1. Age of the adolescent orthodontics

Straightening teeth is generally divided into two age groups, or rapid growth during the period before the teeth rapid growth period of adolescence, such as have been confirmed deciduous teeth malalignment or dentition should be early correction, the treatment of age 3 to 18 years so, overcome, change bad habits at the same time under different circumstances, different degrees of lighter weight activity or fixed appliance, or even combined with face-shaping force to dental equipment correct dentition, the stability of the correction effect.

2. Age of adult orthodontics

Adulthood in adulthood, 18-year-old adult can adult orthodontics, not only to establish a good occlusion, relieve crowded disorder of teeth, can also prevent or treat periodontal disease and caries. Orthodontics at this time can through their own teeth symptoms, the symptomatic adjustment of the teeth taken measures axial to the planting or restoration, beauty crown to restore chewing, language, temporomandibular joint function, improve the appearance of the face. Severe bone deformity, orthognathic surgery treatment, the effect is very obvious. Therefore, the best time to Orthodontics is no age limit determine the orthodontist is not absolute, the doctor based on the different types of dental anomalies and individual growth and development of the situation may be, can have a multiplier effect.

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