Monday, 18 June 2012

Carefully into the whitening teeth misunderstanding

Whitening teeth using a low temperature cold, completely avoid damage to the tooth nerve during the operation. The main component of the whitening agent is hydrogen peroxide used in teeth bleaching treatment has been for decades. Operation no contact with the gums, will not cause damage to tooth structure. Operation of only 30 to 40 minutes, the whitening effect can be maintained for about 2 years.

Whitening teeth before treatment should wear goggles and openings. Operation will be light cured resin as raw material, gum protective agent applied to the gums and cover subgingival light curing light exposure for about 3 seconds; and then a good tune whitening agents carefully to cover the upper and lower 8 or more than the surface of the teeth, whitening agents for 2 to 3 mm thick; then adjust the cold point of view, began radiation.

After the end of the first eight minutes of cold light irradiation, the whitening agent from the surface of the teeth to absorb, again coated with a whitening agent, and the second eight minutes of exposure, repeated cycles of irradiation three times to dental equipment achieve the best results. After the end of the whitening, rinse with water to the surface of the teeth and the cracks, light-cured resin can be removed.

Luminescence after the teeth whitening, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that tooth so white.

Is not a once and for all after the whitening

In the U.S., have more than one million people in this way teeth whitening.

Tetracycline for endogenous mild to moderate dental fluorosis whitening teeth effect, severe coloring teeth can improve the color. Mild coloring teeth whitening teeth once a moderate coloring teeth whitening teeth for the first time interval of one month, and then the second sub-whitening. Bang Jie Xie said, have not previously received any treatment teeth whitening, whitening teeth much better.

The principle of whitening teeth is the drug penetration through the cold light tooth tissues, dentin tube open, colored material in the dentin tube replacement with drugs to achieve the whitening effect. Cold light whitening teeth, dentin tube open, so within 24 hours, the teeth can easily contracted colored substance should avoid drinking tea, coffee, cola, red wine and other colored food, do not use colored toothpaste to brush your teeth, avoid smoking , it is recommended to drink milk, eat bread.

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