Thursday, 7 June 2012

ITI dental implant system

ITI dental implant system from Switzerland made from titanium, the surface of the plasma coating, the empty tube wall with a hole. The system since 1974, well-clinical validation, the representative of the non-implanted two-stage implant system. System, the two significant features is the wear gingival system and Morse taper implants. Through gum system can omit the kinds of second stage surgery, but also because of the inevitable gap between the implant and abutment is located crestal bone resorption, thereby avoiding the above, Morse taper can withstand cyclical pressure, which can effectively prevent the abutment rotating loose.

Design advantages of Switzerland, the Straumann-the ITI

The sleek curvature of the implanted to provide maximum treatment flexibility.

1. The diameter of the neck and body meet the needs of special cases.

2. All models and function of the implant can be a surgical tool box.

3. Submerged, semi-submerged, buried in a variety of implantation way.

Save time the Straumann-the ITI long-term documented to provide you with predictability and confidence.

1. The immediate repair of the good initial stability and bite co-load performance.

2. SLA surface treatment, the implant - bone with the shortest healing time and the fastest Osseo integration.

3. An implant through gum designed so that the majority of cases no longer need the second surgery pioneered.

4. Mechanical locking of the Morse taper connection, abutment loosening rate is almost zero.

ITI-Selective hydrophilic implant three major advantages: safe, efficient and unique.

1. Security: the elimination of the stability of the low, planted early failure rates declined significantly.

2. Efficient: 3-4 weeks of Osseo integration, a month or dental equipment so to complete treatment. Reasons: produced in a nitrogen atmosphere, creating a hydrophilic surface of alveolar bone after implantation, the body does not require decomposition of hydrophobic implant titanium dioxide coating.

3. Unique

A. To the present report. And annotate, disunite overwhelming advantage compared to the literature as evidence.

B, The unique bone induction and bone resorption may be the absorption of bone recovered.

C. With soft tissue closure function in cases of bone resorption, soft tissue above the bone surface and Selective form dense hemidesmosomes connection, to prevent bacterial invasion and Deciduous teeth root canal gutta percha use plombage bone resorption continued to occur.

D. Particularly suitable for VIP patients, sinus augmentation, GBR, smoking, diabetes and other planting increased risk patients.

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