Monday, 11 June 2012

During the correction of dental care?

Social progress, scientific and technological progress, people's living standards are making progress, more and more people choose to orthodontics, that straightening teeth, how to care of their teeth?
During the orthodontic In addition to compliance with the instructions of a doctor, but also the careful care of their teeth, the appliance should avoid eating hard texture of the food, such as bone foods, crab, nuts, etc., but also to avoid eating large pieces of food, such as Uu fruit when you eat, should Apple cut into small pieces before eating, avoid these foods and food of much smaller practice? Can prevent the loosening of the attachment of the diet caused by improper appliance, so that the entire treatment process is smooth completed. In addition, must be especially careful care of their teeth. Normal parasites in the human oral cavity, and also a large number of microorganisms in the air, the mouth is often in contact with the outside world.
Therefore, a lot of normal and pathogenic bacteria in the mouth. When the teeth wear braces will prevent brush your teeth, tooth brush, residual food between the teeth, the large population of bacteria can cause dental caries or periodontal tissue inflammation and destruction of the whole course, so the best dental care of the method is of course to each meal brush your teeth. Brush after each meal is not convenient, water or tea mouthwash. Children orthodontics, in addition to the above points to note, to reduce the number of snacks and candy, in particular gum, chewing gum stuck dental equipment on the appliance on, it is difficult to remove. Young people the process of correction of teeth, parents should pay special attention to supervise the child to comply with doctor's orders, such as regular visits to hospital inspection, replace the wire, wearing a rubber band. Otherwise, extend the correction process, but also can not achieve the desired correction.
Choose a very small force of traction in the correction of teeth slowly move the teeth, and therefore do not have a great deal of discomfort to the patient. However, in the early wear of the appliance a few days, the feeling of the teeth will be limp and discomfort. Understand the advantages and disadvantages of porcelain teeth or porridge like food, spent about a week adaptation period after a normal diet.
In short, during the orthodontic and oral hygiene, if the tooth is also no correction has been almost decayed, it is not worth the candle.

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