Friday, 1 June 2012

How the dental extraction wounds healing?

Most cases after tooth extraction is necessary to teeth addition to wisdom teeth, supernumerary teeth removed without dental extraction generally require denture. One of the basic conditions of the teeth is the need for dental extraction wounds long flat. Dental extraction wounds how to heal a long flat?

Is the blood clot filling after removal of the teeth, dental extraction wounds, blood clots can protect the wound, prevent infection, is the basis of the normal healing of dental extraction wounds, dental extraction wounds clot filling, susceptible, and dental equipment also delay healing time. Tooth extraction for to cemented clot generally by about 15 minutes, two hours after condensation namely easy to damage and shedding a few hours later, the gum tissue gradually shrink so that the wound narrow, fibroblast processes after 24 hours to clot extension, 3 - the four days after the gingival epithelium from the surrounding surface of the clot growth,7-eight days of clot surface is covered by epithelial tissue, while the dental extraction wounds clot into granulation tissue, the second week after dental extraction wounds at the bottom of the beginning with bone student formed trabecular bone, to 2 months after surgery, trabecular bone is full of dental extraction wounds, bone tissue instead. At the same time, the edge part of the alveolar bone absorption, after the new bone in the tooth socket connection from the What is the meaning of dental implant central depression, and gradually become flat teeth worse Gap, At this point, dental extraction wounds will not achieve complete bone union.

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