Thursday, 31 May 2012

How to choose whitening teeth?

Whitening teeth is teeth whitening method in recent years, is gaining popularity, painted on the teeth bleach, bleach the cold light source, to achieve the purpose of changing the tooth color. This teeth whitening method is not appropriate all the coloring teeth whitening method, the patient should pay attention to choose whitening teeth how should I choose? Here we introduce the indications for whitening teeth:

1. Discolored teeth with enamel hypoplasia drugs, is likely to cause a greater patient discomfort, so it is not the indication of whitening teeth;

2. Regimentation soon after death of dental pulp bleaching treatment, whitening teeth, backfill and ceramic crowns veneers, such patients is not the indication of the cold light teeth whitening teeth.

3. Staining of teeth exogenous stain such as coffee, soy sauce, tea, whitening teeth best;

4. In mild tetracycline, dental fluorosis, caused by other factors, discolored teeth, hereditary yellow teeth are generally the first treatment can be obtained satisfactory results. Pigment displace the principle of whitening teeth is not only the enamel until the dentin shallow, there is a role to reduce the transparency of the lens from the original transparent to dental equipment translucent, thereby reducing the pigment of the dentin;

5 Severe tetracycline stained teeth, dental fluorosis, or other factors caused discolored teeth generally require whitening dental treatment more than once, separated by two weeks in between, to get doctors and patients are satisfied with the results. Generally after the first treatment, colorimetric board will have four to five Levels improved. Intuitively change is not great, after the second treatment The tips of the teeth in the first treatment, the results of at least 5 Levels improve after this treatment, and we will see very satisfactory results.

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