Monday, 14 May 2012

Orthodontic diagnostic tooth arrangement test

1. Modeling

Newly diagnosed patients, edentulous impression Jade to take a good irrigation system tooth arrangement model. The perfusion row of teeth model, first a small amount of anhydrite perfusion crown and over the gingival margin of about 5 ~ 6mm, let it harden, the layer of commonly used wax in the plaster above the thickness of 2 ~ 3mm, then this layer of wax ordinary plaster according to conventional methods for the line, perfusion of the rest of the model at the base.

2. Upper co-frame

Good on the lower jaw model in accordance with the occlusion of the oral cavity, occlusion. Marked on the mandibular midline and marked occlusal position between the central incisors, canines and molars. Reference to the tilt direction of the root of the whole jaw panoramic X-ray films, draw the center of the long axis of the clinical crown of each tooth in the lips, buccal, and each tooth for tooth position mark.

3. Model row of teeth steps

1. Predictive value, according to the model measurement, diagnosis, design and X-cephalometry measurements VTO preliminary dental equipment decision on the bow, the need for tooth extraction and tooth number and tooth position. 2. Separation will be required to rearrange the dentition. 3. Two homemade diameter 0.2mm thin junction ligation wire, twisted fried dough twist wire instead of the wire saw), respectively, to break apart after the required re-arrangement of a plaster tooth saw to adjacent points to ensure that the adjacency of the plaster teeth from damage . 4. Plaster teeth and root morphology, trim saws down the plaster tooth in accordance with the ideal bow to rearrange the ideal location of the model.

According to VTO prediction and model measurements, make sure that the maxillary incisor position and maxillary canine spacing. Re-arrangement of Harmful to dental health of the denture the other teeth, requiring close contact between the plaster teeth arranged in neat rows, the plaster teeth tilt, height, arch form, the relationship between the upper and lower dental arch to correct.

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