Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Which teeth need to do orthodontics?

With the diversification of people's diet, fine, more and more dental problems appear, then what kind of teeth and to correct it?

The first is the dental arch and teeth the size of the interdental gap unable to cooperate, when too small dental arch too much, it will cause the teeth arranged in thin, there are gaps.

Buck teeth buck teeth of teeth and dental equipment bone can be divided into the majority of both traditional orthodontic treatment in patients with severe buck teeth will have to meet the oral surgery in order to achieve the ideal appearance and occlusal function.

If the upper and lower teeth can not bite, open bite, the upper and lower incisors can not cut the bite of food, talking to air leakage spit.

Opposed to anti-Hop, also known as occlusion, the mandibular anterior teeth bite outside of the maxillary anterior teeth, commonly known as packets days, in addition to How to care for removable dentures aesthetic problems, can cause chewing and pronunciation dysfunction. The case of a bony jaw does not normally lead to anti-together, which require the combined orthognathic surgery to treat.

Teeth long-term defects lead to the adjacent teeth, tilt or the other teeth growth, causing the denture production difficulties, you need corrective way inclined teeth righting.

Abnormal facial jaw development does not cause facial asymmetry dentition correction, the need combined with orthognathic surgery, the teeth are arranged in the right jaw, and restore the appearance and function.

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