Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The concept of oral implants

The concept of oral implants is required to master the contents of the oral physician assistant examination.

The broad concept of the implant is refers to artificial devices implanted in the body such as orthopedic artificial joints, plate and screws, pacemakers, etc. Oral implants should include dental implants (dental implants) and for the jaw of justice, righteousness, ears, ocular, and righteous nose isosceles complex body retention of craniofacial implant. Dental implants, the superstructure in order to dental equipment support denture repair surgery means artificial material design of the device implanted within the maxillary or mandibular jaw (International Organization for Standardization, to IS0 1984).

Implant is also a unified classification criteria, but people usually classify the implant site and implant shape, implant site to distinguish between bone implant, the subperiosteal implant, Dental Implants and mucosa implant, wearing mandibular implant and the mandibular branch of the stent implant} is divided into some type, two-stage implant surgical procedure, of different shapes can be divided into leafy, spiral, tubular, cylindrical, and root form and other types. Since clinical applications in bone implants, shape mostly cylindrical or threaded cylindrical root-shaped cone surface are carried out of the rough treatment. Recent years there have been dozens of different shape Comprehensive oral health knowledge and a variety of internal convergence implant products, are also a few products available, their design ideas main purpose is to accelerate the Osseo integration adapt to various conditions of repair design and achieve gingival aesthetic effect.

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