Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Brush your teeth after the dentures should pick

Such as missing a tooth we can use the insert dentures. The Denture how fixed? Or two teeth around the fuss about the front teeth have a clamp, the clamp is similar to the hoop for we girls head, flexible, one behind the teeth card a clamp, before and after the two clips in the middle with an artificial connect the teeth, the teeth do missing teeth and the gums above the gums with something like a saddle on horseback, this is a missing teeth part, this is the saddle across the top, before and after the two clamp fixed to live. Secure the middle of a denture, the day off to.

The advantages of this denture unlike fixed dentures wear a lot, because the clamp stuck in the two normal teeth above. Do not wear a lot of grinding a small groove on it. A slot in front, followed by a trough, like two people pick pole mounted on the shoulder, in the before and after the two teeth to withstand forces. As long as such a little grinding on the line.

The shortcomings of the dentures

Some patients had to win every day is too much trouble, indeed, had to win every day, cleaning, soak in cold water inside, and then the toothbrush clean the next morning wearing, this is too much trouble. There is gum above a prop, like a saddle across the top, after all, is a foreign body, some people wear the inside of the mouth or feel uncomfortable to speak, tongue feel uncomfortable, the vast majority of patients are able to adapt to , wearing two or three weeks, twelve weeks to be dental equipment able to adapt over.

The dentures drawback is that pick to wear every day is too much trouble; there may be a little foreign body sensation in the mouth. But its advantage is no need to wear a lot of teeth. Do we just said, fixed dentures, the teeth had worn the circle, two millimeters above have to wear two millimeters shorter, do a set to put complete. The advantage of dentures is less molars.

The advantages of dentures

Such as a front tooth clamp, followed by a tooth clamp, perhaps in front of a tooth or the back of a tooth occurrence of cavities, how to do this time? I can come up with dentures to repair cavities, fixed dentures in the interior; you can not see the time of the occurrence of cavities, can only destroy it, the fixed dentures scrapped. The advantages of dentures is dental problem can be removed at any time, to repair it over and then put on to go, this is the advantages and disadvantages of dentures and fixed prostheses.

It should be noted; dentures should be picked clean, and should not be wearing dentures in your mouth real teeth with the brush.

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