Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Dentures is often frayed easy to cancer of the oral mucosa

Wearing dentures, if he often frayed oral mucosa and the long term is prone to lead to cancer. Dot com dental experts pointed out that the long-term temperature or chemical substances to stimulate, crooked teeth or dentures do not fit on the tongue, gums or pharynx, buccal cause chronic injury and oral mucosa leukoplakia, an increased risk of oral malignant cancerous.

Experts said that oral cancer is a tumor formed by the abnormal changes of the oral tissue cells. The vast majority of oral cancer is formed by the deterioration of mucosal cells, a small part formed by the deterioration of the body by the minor salivary gland Aden carcinoma. Oral cancer the majority of the buccal mucosa and tongue cancer, triggered in part by improper dentures and dental equipment other factors, its occurrence and smoking, alcohol consumption is closely related.

Oral cancer in the oral facial, often caused by ill diet, language difficulties, and facial deformities, severe cases even lead to a heavy burden of family and society. Physician reminders, more than two weeks when the lips or oral chronic non-healing ulcers of the lips or inside the Orthodontics - do not enter the misunderstanding mouth lumps, white spots or red class appears to be vigilant in the oral mucosa.

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