Tuesday, 20 September 2011

The need for endodontic treatment of two pain

First, heat some teeth in case cold sore, painful, but I do not know which tooth pain. These people's teeth may not have cavities, but in the teeth of the occlusal surface may have a central hole, and through the pulp, the pulp can cause infection. Just do endodontic treatment, and then filling, will eliminate the symptoms.

Another is that some people in fatigue, or sleep well, or fever, or poor physical condition, sometimes suddenly feel pain in the teeth of a transient, fleeting, but the teeth do not have any lesions. This pain is actually fatigue, and poor physical condition affecting Dental Tips the teeth, causing dental pulp congestion, leaving the teeth spasm or nerve pain. If the mouth has been filled had dental caries, or a chronic inflammation of the Binge, more prone to a transient tooth pain. If a tooth had repeated episodes of pain, inflammation becomes sexually transmitted diseases teeth, and also the need for endodontic treatment.

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