Sunday, 18 September 2011

Teeth should wash

Advocate brushing every night to remove dirt and protect teeth. The hair brush is not too hard, hard it will damage the gums, damage to teeth. Brushing clean the mouth, the best way to protect teeth. Properly brush your teeth, oral soft white to clear dirt, food residue, and some dental plaque, calculus and can prevent the generation part, played the role of massage gums, thereby reducing the oral pathogenic factor contributing to organizational health, enhance its ability to resist disease.

Teeth should always call

Knocking teeth both to consolidate the root and periodontal tissue, and excitement of the tooth nerves, blood vessels and pulp cells, which have great dental health benefits. Commonly used method is to knock teeth: molars thirty-six first call, the second knock teeth Dental Tips thirty-six, the wrong tooth and then call the thirty-six canine, the last with tongue licking periodontal three, five rings come to an end. Every day as long as two minutes, you can receive strong teeth with good results.

Little physical labor

Working skeletal muscle to stretch, blood flow, adjusting economic spiritual and physical health. Especially intellectual workers and the elderly, should regularly participate in some manual labor whatever, to exercise the body, then in the body and mind good.

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