Sunday, 11 September 2011

Why do wisdom teeth often inflamed?

Wisdom teeth pericoronitis is 18-25 year-old common dental problems, because wisdom teeth grow late oral development of teeth have been completed, the eruption of wisdom teeth is often abnormal, such as plagioclase, horizontal long. And the adjacent teeth to form a hidden area, easy accumulation of food residue, and difficult to clean, long time, generate a large number of bacteria can cause tooth decay, which causes inflammation of the situation.
Wisdom teeth pericoronitis disease, when pain, feeling too tight or if the hot weather, more apt to cause inflammation, accompanied by bad breath, general malaise, if not treated will have difficulty opening, cheek swelling, pain and other consequences of  Dental Tips swallowing , there will be severe fever and other symptoms.
A wisdom tooth pericoronitis treatment to local irrigation, medication-based; local washing agents used in very high concentrations, the effect is very good, in general, can be three times the basic cure; can also gargle with mouthwash use; mouthwash drug in water direct effect on the inflammation area, convenient medication, the better;
Two pairs of swelling or more severe systemic symptoms (eg fever persons), should increase the systemic administration to prevent the spread of the disease increased;
3 after the inflammation subsided, the timely removal of malposition or has seriously decayed wisdom tooth.

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