Sunday, 4 September 2011

Were not old, bad teeth first

The theory of oral authority in a foreign country, for the composition of dental elements in the system made only three parts: the main body of the teeth; wrap the root of the periodontal ligament; and root formation "Dingoes" relationship of alveolar bone. Well as the composition to maintain "joint" there is an important part of the soft tissue - gums. Gingerly (gum outside) of periodontal (gum inside) the protection is so important, we should take to maintain.

In fact, many dentists are aware of the combination of teeth and bone is a joint relationship, but they are still just that strong teeth is directly dependent on the resilience of the periodontal ligament and alveolar bone stability. But for example, people know the thigh and the backbone Dental Tips of the two parts, but without strong muscles, bones and tendons are no longer strong, because once the muscle atrophy, even the way the people will all walk, waist are straight can not afford. Therefore, some expert will focus directed at the teeth the gums, teeth, that it is the "micro-joints" and "muscle."

Modern medicine has long been clear oral gingival recession and the causal relationship between periodontitis. Also express the Chinese people on average 40 years old to enter the gingival recession and the outbreak of periodontitis. In fact, this has exposed the phenomenon of premature aging gums, and the nature of vitamin deficiency. On the other hand, in the human skeletal system, people only heard "bone hyperplasia," but only the alveolar bone will be a "bone resorption" phenomenon, which is why?

The original bone marrow transport nutrients is not a "salient", one will make the alveolar bone resorption occurred, but shorter, and thus a direct threat to the teeth of a solid foundation and life. Bone health is determined by the health of gums. Control of gingival recession, tooth series is not only a cure for the key, but also to avoid the absorption of alveolar bone is the core issue.


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