Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Wine drinking should not brush your teeth immediately

Many people like to drink wine, but a long time, we find that the top teeth covered with spots, how is this going on? The study found that this is due to erosion of the teeth of the gem quality of the wine due to make our teeth more sensitive to hot and cold food such as sweet and sour. So, how can both meet the needs of our wine drinkers, do not damage our teeth?
Calcium-rich food to offset part of the damage caused by wine: Traditionally the cheese as a dessert, or drink while eating, would have a positive role in preventing tooth Dental Tips decay, because cheese contains a lot of calcium. It can neutralize acid, enhance the ability of saliva repair teeth to prevent acid erosion.

However, if the same food or wine and strawberry mix in the wine against the acidic juice made from carbonated drinks will bring more trouble, because this will increase the acidity of the wine. Previous studies have shown that carbonated soft drinks and lemon, orange juice will erode tooth enamel.

If you drink, the teeth become soft as the role of acidic wine, and then immediately brush your teeth if the situation will get worse, leading to further loss of enamel. So if you want to damage our teeth is not the case, avoid drinking alcohol after 30 minutes before they can brush their teeth. Eating and drinking at the same time, instead of drinking alone, help produce saliva when chewing helps neutralize acidic or corrosive effect of acid suppression, drink from time to time and then brush your teeth, in order to stay transfer from the acid erosion of enamel recovery time to prevent it from easily being 'brush away'.

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