Monday, 26 September 2011

Through the period of discomfort wearing dentures

Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States, the dental health center director Dr. Kenneth Ian suggested using dentures at the beginning of the weeks, often with his mouth candy can help through the block just does not wear dentures period.

Dr. Ian, just to wear dentures, dentures oral will be mistaken for the mouth of food, and then produce saliva to help digest it, this situation has been adapted to be extended to the mouth until the presence of dentures.

During this time, the mouth often with candy pieces, can often produce oral swallow, to remove excess saliva mouth. For chronic, excessive Dental Tips intake of sugar, not the elderly, it can be in the mouth with a jujube, too, can achieve satisfactory results.

In addition, the Beijing Union Medical College Hospital Dental experts Hu Yundong introduction, just to wear dentures for the elderly to eat, the best on both sides of the teeth at the same time force; teeth cleaned every night, and soaked with cold water; If it is found under dentures gum redness, inflammation, tongue, gums or buccal cavity ulcers appear pale white, to timely referral to the hospital, ask your doctor to help adjust the dentures.

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