Thursday, 6 October 2011

What is good teeth cleanings by the system?

Good teeth cleaning dental system is used by EMS Ultrasonic Scaler System, in the traditional cleaning teeth on the tooth surface blasting, polishing, and the gum on the drug.

Sandblasting sand sea salt is made of special high-pressure water to the teeth with further cleaning. Sandblasting can attached to the teeth of the tea scale, soot and clean up food debris, spraying sand teeth very clean, and difficult to re-calculus deposition, restoration of natural teeth white and shiny.

Sandblasting and then polishing the teeth's surface to maintain smooth as ever. We often mistakenly think that polishing the tooth surface is worn away a layer, is not Dental Tips the case, is polishing with a very soft rubber dipped polishing paste (like toothpaste) and gently rotate the tooth surface of low friction, it will not cause tooth injury.

EMS painless good teeth cleaning teeth in accordance with the Swiss system both on the dental calculus, smoke spot, tea stains, pigmentation of teeth caused by dirt has a very good efficacy, fast, painless, but also play a preventive treatment for bleeding gums, teeth loose, health dental caries and oral hygiene, bad breath and clean teeth. No harm to human teeth, and can effectively on the tooth surface, tooth neck, teeth and other parts for cleaning, the best protection for the teeth.

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