Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Protection of the elderly denture

The elderly wearing dentures pain, which is more common phenomenon. If pain is not severe, can persist try, if serious, do not force to wear, not to bite hard food, should be revised. Ask the doctor to check before you put 2-3 hours, improper denture pressure in recent oral tissues can leave marks, easy to find location of the pain in order to accurately modify.

Worn teeth to speak inconvenient. Prevalent in the absence of front teeth or complete dentures were fitted. Generally do not have to rush to change, as far as possible adhere to the trial, after a period of time getting used to, such as long-term speech is not convenient, you should check processing.

Dentures are not secure. Wearing complete dentures are often talking, big mouth, chew food easily fall. Since the early people who wear dentures tongue and costal muscles meet, activities Shiyou with the bad, likely to cause dentures slip. Wear after a period of time, oral tissues and muscles around certain training, most people can adapt. If the denture does not remain stable for Dental Equipment a long time, can not chew food, a doctor should be promptly repaired or redone.

Protection of dentures should note the following:

1. Do not bite the food excellent. Because the denture is hard plastic, brittle texture, easy to break.

2. Attention to oral hygiene. Brushing teeth after meals once removed. If you can not brush after each meal, at least to seriously scrub before going to bed at night, use toothpaste, soap wash, but do not use alcohol or boiling hot bubble, that would make denture deformation.

3. Dentures should be cleaned off before sleep, after immersion in cold water in the cup so that the denture can not deformed, but also make oral mucosa proper rest.

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