Monday, 24 October 2011

How do metal fused to porcelain repair?

Metal-fused porcelain crown, also known as PFM crown. This repair will require tooth preparation, the first production model in the teeth of a metal cap-like, as the metal substrate, and then in a vacuum under high temperature conditions, the porcelain baked on top of the metal substrate to form a metal-ceramic composite structure crown, which integrated both the strength of metal crowns and porcelain crowns and beautiful.

Metal-fused porcelain crown has the following characteristics: to restore tooth form and function, bending and strong colors, lifelike appearance, smooth surface dental equipment, wear resistance, no deformation, color stability, acid and alkali, permanent fixes.

Metal-fused porcelain crown is indicated for: 1. Anterior dental fluorosis, discolored teeth, tetracycline, conical teeth, enamel hypoplasia, or other methods should not be used or the patient required a permanent restorers. 2. After a complete dental defects after dental treatment. 3. Single or small number of anterior dislocation, torsion should not do or who can not do orthodontics. 4. Need to bridge retainer placed porcelain teeth. 5. Implant restoration. 6. Fracture or dislocation of teeth bite reconstruction.

Metal-fused porcelain crown contraindications are: 1. Young people not yet fully developed permanent teeth, large pulp cavity were. 2. Teeth are too short, their strength is poor, can not afford a certain bite force, is easily detached by crown. 3. Patients with severe deep overbite, occlusal tight, not enough clearance were prepared. 4. Periodontal disease not suitable for wearers.

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