Wednesday, 19 October 2011

How to repair porcelain failed

How to repair porcelain failed because some people do porcelain dental restoration porcelain teeth did not notice when the indications, contraindications, precautions and other problems led to the failure of porcelain teeth, which is porcelain repair failure patients is a depressing thing, encountered such a situation there is repair possible? Porcelain how to fix it failed?

Beauty crown is the global effect is very good, very long hold time fix teeth, the failure can be the edge of blue porcelain, dentition, teeth, tetracycline, dental fluorosis, abnormal teeth, discolored teeth, and a variety of dental defects, tooth loss and other repair, so that dental patients get it.

Beauty cosmetic restoration dental crown has the following advantages:

1. Vivid color effects. Bionic Beauty crown of each tooth through CAD / CAM tailored, with air, water or any other electrolyte contact will produce micro-oxide Dental Equipment film quickly and effectively to prevent corrosion, beautifully few decades, its level, color the closest to real teeth.

2. Security. Bionic Beauty crown thermal conductivity is very low, only gold, seventeenth, more conducive to the protection of the pulp, light weight, only a quarter of gold, the patient is more comfortable to wear.

3. US-tooth effect. The technology has a dozen colors to choose from, and color stability, and can provide beautiful and natural, rich effect of the repair activity, and the United States according to each patient's own tooth to choose the conditions and requirements to achieve the best personalized beauty teeth the effect.

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