Wednesday, 12 October 2011

How truly invisible stealth correction?

Is now very popular with a stealth approach to straightening teeth, then the invisible orthodontics how "invisible" mean?

Invisible braces are the years in the United States first developed, this technology has been with previous orthodontic very different, the first physician to the patient's teeth using a computer for three reconstruction, analysis of the teeth which need correction, and then use computer adjust the position of teeth, such as a tooth needs to be moved 2 mm, then 10 steps can be used to step by step, each step moves 0.2 mm, the moving image after each step the output, click the image produced braces, patients wear braces to correct This is a made of plastic braces, about the thickness Dental Supplies of a few millimeters at the zero, including the teeth, the teeth have the power, others do not is easy to see the orthodontist.

There is also a completely invisible braces, orthodontic material is metal, but it is worn on the inside of the teeth, according to the teeth of the point, bearing the focus from the stainless steel brackets, steel and other aspects of the change to correct the teeth, As the sticky side of the teeth, looks just the same as not wearing braces. However, because at the inside of the teeth, is very difficult to operate, so the cost of treatment more expensive than the average of three times, in three or four million, this method is suitable for a variety of dental patients with dislocation.

In addition to invisible braces, ceramic braces you can choose, wear it in front of the teeth, but the relative metal braces, the more beautiful in general than the traditional metal braces you wire two or three thousand.

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