Friday, 14 October 2011

What precautions orthodontic

Fixed orthodontic procedures and methods of operation:

1. Fixed appliance aligned teeth, the teeth of normal relations between the contact points between.

2. According to the amount of crowding or teeth to determine the extent not transferred to the tooth enamel and teeth.

3. Can be roughly divided into teeth using wire or coil spring to open a large, separate from the teeth of the contact point, easy to operate to the glaze.

4. General use of curved nose and fine diamond drill to remove the enamel proximal 0.2-0.3mm, further to the adjacent side of the glaze, shape finishing, polishing, fluoride.

5. Move the arch wire coil spring, almost in the teeth enamel to get clearance to move. Return visit in the past the point of contact near the teeth are separated, repeated to the glazing operation.

6. As to the conduct of enamel, the teeth gradually after the shift, and ligation with the anchorage teeth as a whole, the whole process without removal of Dental Equipment arch wires, to obtain sufficient clearance when the front teeth can be excluded after.

Handling Precautions:

1. Adjacent to the enamel surface during the operation, should pay attention to protect the lip and cheek papillae and lingual soft tissue.

2. Order to glaze successive generally done from back to front.

3. Do not step or the formation of large flat-screen contact.

4. Best not to adjacent teeth are not aligned to the enamel surface.

5. For the upper and lower dental arch does not transfer the amount of, preferably by experimental tooth arrangement to determine the amount of abnormal tooth position down, and the glaze can be to focus on the possible range of anomalous areas.

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