Thursday, 5 January 2012

Children's dental implant can be done

Dental experts, children's jaws are developing, if the missing posterior teeth, missing teeth and the side of men 1 / 3 of the heavy vertical distance become shorter, the face shape left-right asymmetry. Missing teeth for too long, the upper and lower loss of normal alveolar bite due to the long relationship between the jaws lack of physiological function to stimulate the development dental equipment of severe jaw can absorb atrophy. Time set on the kinds of children missing teeth, it is important to grow and develop.

Important function is to absorb the teeth to chew food, children's lack of teeth, the first can not chew food well, affecting the absorption of nutrients, increase the burden on the stomach, over time, can cause indigestion and other gastrointestinal diseases. Second, teeth supporting pronunciation function, especially the front incisors, for children to learn accurate, clear pronunciation is more important. Front teeth missing, say leak, will form a lisp. So, whether it is caused when the missing teeth, should be planted in time to restore its physiological function.

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