Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The impact of smoking on periodontal

Over the years, smoking on human health, especially for the impact of the development of periodontal disease, dental workers made ​​a lot of research work. Has been demonstrated: smokers gingivitis, acute necrotizing gingivitis, periodontitis prevalence than non-smokers. Some people think that smoking is a plaque and calculus deposition of one of the factors, debris index of smokers than non-smokers. Therefore, it was obtained a significant increase in smokers calculus deposition conclusion. The smoking pros and cons of different types and quality of periodontal tissues have different effects.

Some people have studied: group of 228 people smoking cigarettes smoke cigars / tobacco group 153 detects six periodontal health index, results show: smoking cigarettes group, plaque deposition was slightly lower than smoke cigars / tobacco group, calculus deposition than the suction cigars / tobacco group and more; smoke cigarettes alveolar bone loss than the dental equipment group smoke cigars / tobacco group significantly, and speculated that smoking cigarettes group, significant loss of alveolar bone is absorbed into the body as a product of nicotine and its systemic side effects caused by due. The results demonstrate: cigarette smoke can induce gingival inflammation. Some people smoke cigarettes to stimulate the hamster buccal pouch mucosa, 1 week and found the cheek pouch mucosa of patients with congestion, rough surface. With the stimulus time, the mucous membranes become increasingly rough. Cigarette smoke also affects the quality of saliva. Smoke stimulation, increased saliva flow, some trace elements in saliva composition and calcification of plaque work, so that Dental Implant is the best choice for dental restorations dental plaque increased significantly.

In addition, the tar in cigarette smoke deposition occurred in the tooth surface, so that smokers are poor oral hygiene, periodontal disease can be a local stimulus, and thus increase the periodontal tissue inflammation.

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