Wednesday, 18 January 2012

You can brush your teeth white teeth

We know that many people advocate brushing your teeth at least twice a day, preferably morning and evening, and in order to dental health, but also very particular about brushing method. However, many beauty who also found that the use of the best whitening toothpaste, toothpaste with the most expensive, is also very particular about brushing method, but still not seen the white teeth. So, in the end there is a way to whiten teeth quickly and effectively and does not damage the teeth healthy?

Experts said that at present there are many teeth whitening methods, one of the good results and is a very long time to maintain whitening. Whitening the dental equipment introduction of U.S. technology, operation by professionals, for all types of pigment teeth with very good results, and treatment time comfortable, fast treatment to maintain a long time.

Whitening advantages:

1. Significant effect: whitening technology from the U.S., by experienced operations professional dentist for teeth in cause black, yellow caused by selective removal of substances, 30 minutes after the teeth can increase three to eight Levels, immediately see the results, faster than traditional methods, more pronounced.

2. Fast treatment: a comprehensive teeth whitening is expensive painting, harmless white material after the first exposure to the full-mouth teeth, so greatly reducing the Which is treatment of chronic pulpitis whitening time, just 30 minutes, only 1 doctor can see the whitening effect.

3. Perfect comfort: As a result of cold temperature, no thermal effect, completely avoiding the dental nerve during the operation does not, will not hurt any oral tissue, the process in a relaxed and comfortable, bright white teeth quietly.

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