Friday, 6 January 2012

How children from pulpitis

Acute dental pulpitis is a common clinical emergency, the incidence rate is high. As the severe pain caused great pain to the patient, seriously affecting the patient's life and work. Here to tell us about how children from pulpitis?

1. Maintain oral health, to develop good health habits, sooner or later, or adhere to brush your teeth after eating, mouthwash after meals, stay in the mouth and promptly remove food debris between the teeth and bacteria, use of fluoride toothpaste to prevent dental caries have some the role.

2. The child's diet and oral hygiene. Children's diet should be diversified, and toughness appropriate to eat hard foods, can promote its growth and development of jaws and teeth. Do not allow children to sleep or eat his mouth candy sweets do not brush our teeth dental equipment on the bed, because the sugar in your mouth and teeth to corrosive sour derived from dental caries.

3 After the eruption of permanent teeth of children 6-12 years old do pit and fissure in time, that the teeth of pit and fissure closed with a layer of resin material, to avoid food debris and bacteria and other harmful substances into the body, teeth, thus preventing dental caries.

4. For wisdom teeth malposition of teeth food impaction and timely treatment, inappropriate dentures and braces timely manner.

5. Got timely treatment of dental caries, shallow cavities in dentin after removal of damaged materials with the appropriate filling, the tooth form and function have been restored to prevent further decay; dental caries deep hole, depending on the circumstances appropriate to What is a common metal bracket of treatment. Caused by dental caries pulpitis or apical periodontitis, pulp cavity, or to clear bacterial infection around the root, after root canal treatment to save teeth. Has lost value for the treatment of residual crown and root timely removal, re-set time.

6. Away from acute pulpitis method also includes once every six months to a year oral examination.

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