Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Formal steps of root canal treatment

The principle of root canal therapy root canal treatment is a doctor with special equipment to remove infected pulp and dentin infection and toxic decomposition products. After root canal irrigation, disinfection and tight packing, isolated the bacteria into the root canal re-infection, to prevent the occurrence of periapical lesions or promote the healing of periapical disease.

Clinical reports of root canal therapy more than 90% success rate, is the best treatment to save teeth. In general, for those who pulpitis, pulp necrosis, periapical all types are suitable for root canal treatment, especially for residual crown and root of the tooth, the need for crown restoration, root canal therapy is the only a choice of treatment.

Will root canal therapy what is the process?

Root canal therapy usually consists of three basic steps: root canal preparation, root canal disinfection, root canal filling.

In root canal treatment, doctors often require root canal treatment in teeth with preoperative, intraoperative and postoperative X-ray film, respectively, to help diagnose, understand the position of the pulp chamber and root canal number and morphology, root canal work dental equipment length of follow-up and evaluation of the efficacy and the future provide a basis for comparison.

What is rooting canal treatment note it?

1. Root canal therapy is not always a complete treatment, doctors often based on clinical inspection, sub-sub-sub-step treatment; in general, root canal therapy should be done 2-3 times a doctor.

2. As a more complicated root canal therapy, the doctors must be familiar with the anatomy of tooth structure knowledge and proficiency in technology while What oral health should have new ideas supporting the need for special treatment of root canal instruments and equipment and materials, which root canal therapy a long time, and the relatively high cost.

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