Tuesday, 10 January 2012

How to grow solid front teeth?

Dental Implant, teeth are not growing, but the bone into the metal in the tooth root, alveolar bone to be closely integrated with metal teeth, the dentures in their device on, as if making room lay a solid foundation before, in order to make housing firm and stable.

Dental Implant is more stable than conventional dentures, easy to move, but welcomed by the people.

Compared with conventional dentures implant has the following advantages:

1. In a few teeth missing one or a few, the traditional fixed dentures must first two teeth on either side of the edentulous ridge grinding small, as a solid pillar braces, dentures will be strong, but dentures do great as the base plate care, people feel uncomfortable, foreign body sensation. Implant can be implanted directly in the edentulous ridge implant, fixed dentures, no dental equipment damage other teeth, and no foreign body, discomfort. Rear molar tooth in the absence of all the past can only be fitted dentures. However, poor denture chewing function, easy to hook the metal dentures stuck dirt, easy to clean, easy to exposed metal hooks also affect the appearance. Implant had no such shortcomings.

2. When the full-mouth tooth loss, we must make full mouth dentures, gum alone traditional dentures because mucosal soft tissue support, fixed weak, is not only easy to loose dentures, masticatory function is poor, only to restore normal function of the four into it. If the gums with discontinuity when the alveolar bone will gradually shrink, dentures effect is getting worse. Implant had no movement or function of a bad situation chewing, delayed absorption of alveolar bone, so the medical profession have called the third implant of teeth in human.

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