Wednesday, 14 December 2011

How do children's teeth look chaotic?

As people's living standards and oral health awareness, more and more of the students to the hospital for orthodontics. Many people can not help but sigh: how are the children of straightening teeth so much?

In fact, the reasons for dental malocclusion can be roughly divided into two categories: genetic and environmental factors.

Environmental factors, acquired factors play a significant role, in which degradation is one of the main masticatory function. Children's food is now more sophisticated, a lot of dairy products, bread, puffed food, chewing function so that the child's increasingly dental equipment weak, both inside and outside the teeth and mouth are not properly exercise the muscles, causing muscle weakness, atrophy, jaw also not well developed, but did not reduce the number of teeth, dental malocclusion children so the incidence is rising.

On the other hand, fine food is also prone to dental caries, dental defects appear, premature loss of deciduous teeth, permanent teeth eruption lack of space, and cause tooth malalignment. Therefore, the prevention of childhood dental deformities should note the following three questions:

1. Strengthen the training of children chewing function, muscle function fully exercise the mouth, thus effectively stimulate the growth of the mandible. Daily life to give children food to eat some hard wear, such as ribs, beef jerky, fried, crispy rice, dried bread, apple and so on.

2. After the birth of a child 2 years old, basic teeth fully erupted, it should be on a regular basis to the regular dental hospital, leaving the longitudinal recording, to How to control plaque and tartar achieve timely detection of problems and timely treatment.

3. To protect children's teeth, especially carious teeth most likely to lead to permanent tooth loss development Malocclusion. Permanent teeth are arranged in columns arranged in a pilot, did lead to both sides of the teeth to the teeth gap extrusion, resulting in missing dentition, encountered such problems would need immediate treatment.

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