Sunday, 18 December 2011

Comprehensive analysis of the advantages of zirconia porcelain teeth

Dental Center experts pointed out: all-ceramic dental zirconia due to its outstanding performance, the porcelain teeth were listed as favorite. Zirconia all-ceramic dental restoration is the ideal means of oral, dental all-ceramic zirconium dioxide appear to be the reason why dentists and dental patients are respected like, because zirconia all-ceramic porcelain teeth are different from other teeth four major advantages.

1. Zirconia all-ceramic tooth density and high strength

Zirconium dioxide is a natural in the presence of a baddeleyite mineral density and strength and are very high. After a cleaning process for medical zirconia, zirconium retained dental equipment in a small amount of residual α-rays, the penetration depth is very small, only 60 microns, will not have any impact on the human body.

2. Zirconia all-ceramic tooth has a very high quality

Zirconium dioxide has a very high quality porcelain teeth, said not only because of its high quality materials, expensive equipment, but also because it used the most advanced computer-aided design, laser scanning, and then controlled by a computer program made ​​ground, with perfect. And the production of zirconia all-ceramic dental technicians often the technician in the crowd, but very large effects technician.

3. Zirconia all-ceramic dental restoration natural and realistic effects

Zirconia all-ceramic tooth to make sense of the natural tooth color and obvious crown edge, especially for patients with high aesthetic requirements is undoubtedly good news.

4. Zirconia all-ceramic dental histocompatibility high

Zirconia on the gums no stimulation, no allergic reaction, it is suitable for oral, head of the future need to x-ray, CT, MRI has no effect, while avoiding the metal produced in the oral allergy, irritation, corrosion and other adverse reaction.

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