Thursday, 15 December 2011

Apical root canal treatment is the bane of periodontal disease

Periapical disease is limited to the apical cementum, root around the tip of the periodontal ligament and alveolar bone and other tissues of the disease. Etiology and pathology:

1. Infection

The most common infections from dental pulp disease, followed by periodontal disease by apical, side of the root canal and vice dentinal tubules and secondary, blood-borne infections are relatively rare.

Hyundai believes that the primary infection periapical disease as the main anaerobic bacteria are mixed infections, Bacteroides melanin production is a major dental equipment acute periapical pathogens. Bacterial endotoxin is induced chronic periapical inflammatory cytokines, periapical granuloma is a major factor.

2. Trauma

Teeth subjected to external forces, such as strikes, collisions, falls, etc., can cause dental hard tissue, periodontal and periapical tissue damage. Biting hard objects, such as the bite of sand within the rice, walnuts bite, bite-bottles, etc., can cause traumatic occlusion periapical damage.

3. Tumor

Spread damage to the periapical squamous cell carcinoma tumors, lung cancer and breast cancer metastasis, jaw sarcoma, myeloma, and ameloblastoma.

4. Odontogenic factors

Pulp and root canal sealing drug overdose, piercing the apical root canal instruments, orthodontic force properly, rapid separation of the teeth, tooth extraction and other accidental injuries can cause adjacent periapical injury.

Clinical manifestations of

Acute periapical

Acute periapical pathological anatomical characteristics of periapical exudate accumulation, transformation and diffusion or absorption, in addition to some of the trauma caused the acute periapical, the pulp is necrotic and more.

Chronic apical periodontitis usually no pain symptoms, chronic periapical lesion type granuloma, chronic periapical abscess, chronic periapical cysts and chronic periapical bone density go far.

Root canal therapy is the treatment of dental pulp disease, the most complex and critical treatment programs.

Arrived in the apical root canal filling material, and can block the apical tight hole, root canal treatment is to ensure that key indicators. In order to ensure the root canal filling in place, the doctor before surgery according to the dental needs chip to see the number of root canals, bending and length of surgery is sometimes necessary in the dental pin according to the Children's psychological preparation before dental film to accurately measure the length of the root canal, dental surgery must be according to film to determine whether the root canal filling in place, fill or over fill if less, you need to fill, according to dental films re-confirm, until the root canal filling in place. Therefore, in patients receiving root canal treatment is sometimes repeated according to the dental films.

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