Thursday, 29 December 2011

Causes yellow teeth and whitening

Experts tell us that there are many reasons for yellow teeth. Different causes yellow teeth, the treatment difference is there. Dental experts below how the various types of yellow teeth whitening have been described in detail:

1. Genetic factors. Asians have been a bit yellowish teeth.

2. Long-term smoking, and tea, coffee and other colored drinks reasons. Over time, pigmentation, teeth gradually turn yellow.

3. Tetracycline, teeth and other dental fluorosis, will be the leading cause of dull yellow teeth.

4. Poor oral hygiene, dental calculus accumulation, leading to the teeth yellow, black and so on.

Of course, the first case and second case, teeth whitening can improve the teeth color. Beyond whitening technology, as long as half an hour or so, you can complete the teeth whitening, allow consumers to quickly have a beautiful teeth. And the results can be maintained for about two years, according to personal habits are different, sooner or later. Low-temperature dental equipment luminescence, hydrophilic material and Medicine whitening gums completely non-contact process, completely avoid the operation of the tooth nerve stimulation, on the enamel, gum does not cause any harm, without any side effects, will not cause any damage to the teeth.

The third case, mild dental fluorosis, tetracycline also can be used to whitening treatments. However, moderate and severe cases, the best choice porcelain veneer. Porcelain veneers are the patient's teeth grinding as long as a small circle, then in the above Deciduous dental caries but also to rule porcelain veneer restoration, from the appearance of the teeth look white and neat, with a natural luster. However, this porcelain veneers, teeth whitening prices than would a more expensive.

The fourth case, the best is the ultrasonic scaler and cleaning teeth with the use of sandblasting to achieve a multiplier effect.

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