Monday, 5 December 2011

Two-stage dental implant

Two-stage implant abutments and the implant is divided into two retainer instead of a whole class of implants. Surgery, and bone tissue retention combined with the body and the base station with the gum tissue is surgically implanted twice before and after completion, and the base station and the retainer between the two screws through the center of the implant it is connected as a whole.

The first implant surgery, the first retainer bone tissue, suture wounds, 4-6 months after implant retainer to be completely under no load resting bone and bone tissue, and then dental equipment underwent secondary surgery, which cut the gum tissue, connected by the center screw implant abutments, removal of stitches after the preferred model and complete the final restoration.

Two-stage implant has the advantage that the implant osseointegration, and not infection, denture repair and diverse, the upper structure can be a variety Essential to the success of Oral Implantology of options, long-term effect, a high success rate. The disadvantage is subject to two operations to complete.

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