Friday, 9 December 2011

Root canal filling on the issue of collateral

Collateral root canal root canal, also known as vice. This is the formation of tooth growth. Often in the apical and root bifurcation to see. Furcation and the root canal apical presence of collateral, there are many domestic and foreign research data to prove. In addition, collateral between two tubes called the tube between the collateral, in addition to the main root tube still sent to the surrounding small branch, called the root tapering branches.

Tube taper between the collateral branch and root canals are part of the collateral. The current lack of collateral canals effective means of diagnosis. Most people focus dental equipment on dental X-ray films, dental films want to observe from the root canal to the collateral. As the normal dental films cannot show all of the collateral root canal, especially the cheek, tongue, the direction of the root canal more difficult to show collateral, it was suggested that the use of special radiation techniques and conditions, but that the specific conditions of radiation technology and data . It was also suggested from the fistula into the gutta-ray films or to the root canal into the water-soluble organic iodine contrast media, want to have some contrast medium into the collateral root canal.

These methods have not yet used in clinical practice. Root canal treatment on collateral, currently no effective means of special. Because collateral root canal too small, and often form the main root tube angle, root canal root canal instruments difficult to enter the collateral, but collateral root canal will affect the clinical symptoms caused by the main root tube treatment, as clinicians, must make efforts to resolve the pain. Now China has been reported by conventional treatment methods collateral The three best orthodontic age special root canal filling techniques. If China were difficult situation and Guzhi Ling Su semi-soft plastic root canal surgery tooth apical foramen closed, there are several cases of apical root canal and a small apical collateral, branches are perfect filling. China Xugen Yuan and Zhang Nepalese report two cases of infected root canal collateral, the use of anti-corrosion paste grip grams of piperazine Jai gutta-percha or silver tip to achieve a collateral root canal filling.

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