Monday, 28 November 2011

What is Dental Implant?

Could it be types of dental implants dental implant, not really kind of natural teeth, but by way of medicine, will be compatible with human bone after high-precision titanium metal design, manufacturing roots into a cylinder or other similar shape to the way minor surgical implantation of edentulous ridge of the alveolar bone, after a 1 to 3 months later, when the artificial teeth and alveolar bone close together, and then in the production of porcelain crown on the implant. For non-destructive, oral implant medical profession has been recognized as the preferred repair method missing teeth.

As the artificial tooth implant bone deep, can withstand normal chewing forces, functional and aesthetically pleasing and almost the same as natural teeth, therefore, known as the third man of teeth. Is a dental implant surgery is surgery there is a certain risk. To restore missing teeth from the dental equipment aesthetic and functional results, the cultivation of repair is the preferred method. In theory, all types of implants for missing teeth. But it has some restrictive conditions in order to achieve what acute teeth grow it?

1. Body in good condition, physical and mental health, bone and tooth development has been finalized by adults;
2. Jaw, bone surgery and trauma at least 6 months, at least 3 months after tooth extraction, the bone defect has been restored, planting beds and good quality bone morphogenetic persons;
3. No significant oral soft tissue inflammation, lesions were;
4. I have patients with clear requirements, economic conditions permit.

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