Sunday, 27 November 2011

As brushing teeth morning and night

In today's highly developed civilization, every morning and brush our teeth has become a person's health habits, but the other one - brush your teeth before going to sleep at night, but often overlooked by people. People probably do not understand, "Chen Shu Shu night as" the morning brush our teeth is far more important than the evening too!

In fact, as early as a few hundred years ago, our ancestors on this issue has been brilliant exposition. Jin's "Dan Golden Book," had this to say: "Where day diet drugs, the plot in Chifeng, when the scrub at night, then Gouwu do go, do not scale from the teeth. Guyun night than morning rinse rinse. keep this good at those teeth. this concept wise at each meal must rinse, the teeth to the old Kennedy White is not bad, then you have seen the power of raising men. "

This word is used to analyze the modern scientific point of view is also justified. Modern caries study that the incidence of dental caries is due to acid-producing bacteria, dirty mouth with the anti-caries power drops, and other sugary foods caused by three reasons. If you do Different classifications of dental implants not brush our teeth before going to bed at night, during the day and eat the food left behind debris and residues will be stored in the groove crack in Chifeng and teeth and become breeding ground for bacterial growth. Also, at night because of oral language activities to stop chewing and saliva secretion is also greatly reduced, resulting in reduced oral self-cleaning function, more conducive to bacterial big breeding, fermentation acid corrosion of the teeth. This is what many people insist on early morning every day, brush your teeth for decades, but due to the neglect of the most important one at that, so eventually come to a mouthful of dental caries or the reason!

Understand the reasons mentioned above, you should as soon as possible to develop a daily "must rinse after meals" to go to bed every night after dental equipment brushing habits. This will make you a lifetime infinite. Of course, after a night of sleep after the early morning to spend three minutes brushing rinse once more will make your teeth white and bright, fresh breath, put into a new day filled with energy.

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