Sunday, 6 November 2011

Whitening and other whitening methods more

Many people think that only the surface of the teeth teeth yellow color change, the worn surface can be restored to its former white, this is the misunderstanding. In fact, tooth color from the inside there is no significant difference in the color change is the change in physiological factors that influence to bring the teeth, in which changes in the skeletal system of physiological factors affecting the teeth is the most direct and largest. Childhood tooth color from white to begin with age, showing varying degrees of ivory (beige), in fact, this is the skeletal system of the life of the state, gradually become inactive flag, Chinese medicine says: bone of the tooth is more than . Accurate to say the relationship between dental and skeletal system.

Whitening teeth whitening methods is essentially only the medical and cosmetic whitening. Porcelain teeth whitening, including the medical done, patches, whitening of three methods. Whitening is a cosmetic beauty, that do not whitening treatment, teeth can not be more healthy, it is only a cosmetic way. Compared with ordinary make-up whitening, whitening teeth to change color from deep-seated, achieve long-term whitening effects. Teeth whitening cosmetic teeth means brushing teeth with cosmetic, to cover the teeth color, teeth white way, is a cosmetic beauty. Other methods of dental equipment cleaning teeth scouring detergent does not change the color of teeth, only to restore the teeth color, teeth whitening can not be considered strictly speaking.

Many people believe that there are whitening on enamel damage, it is not true, although the chemical whitening, but the response is not strong, it will not hurt teeth whitening.

As for the make-up whitening of teeth is also a great harm. Because make-up itself with chemical drugs, attached to the teeth is very easy to stimulate the gums, forming tartar will be long-term use, resulting in the emergence of periodontal disease.

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