Monday, 21 November 2011

Do not implant into the error

For non-destructive, oral implant medical profession has been recognized as the preferred repair method missing teeth. But many of my friends are not very understanding of the dental implant, dental implant surgery before doing it is easy to produce with their own ideas such as misunderstanding, Lai Dental experts remind you not to make themselves into these errors, let's take a look.

Misunderstanding of the implant:

1. All kinds of teeth after tooth pulled. Through treatment to keep true teeth should adhere to treatment, rather than the whole unplug, as a last resort before considering extraction.

2. Out not to be "kind of" teeth. Dental experts believe that dental equipment although the My Lai in tooth loss, there would be part of the alveolar bone is absorbed, but there are still remaining alveolar bone or jaw can "play titanium screw" implant in the remaining alveolar bone or jaw on the "fight titanium screw" as the implant.

3. "Teeth is a major surgery." Species "teeth is minor, and now developed to be minimally invasive operation, less bleeding, swelling does not occur, and one-off" kind of "all of the missing tooth, the pain, even smaller than the extraction wound, but precise surgical operation.

4. Teeth once and for all. Implant service life, the current observed at least 10 years, which also each person's habits and protection methods.

5. "Kind of" teeth, mouths had to "kind." Once you have selected is not "kind of" teeth, it must "grow" a place full of each tooth. Entire row of teeth loss or those who lost What types of dental implant a lot of teeth of the elderly, just do a small amount of dental implant, as a fixed support of the "pier" in the row of teeth, "pier" firmly on the exercise of functions, dental implant hazards.

6. Implant to be a long time. Before "kind of" bad teeth to be pulled out of the root, only three months after the implantation of artificial teeth, and then every three months to install crown. Now, with the understanding of the implant gradually increase, in some cases teeth can be pulled out immediately loaded implants and implant crowns, shorter than in the past six months, once completed.

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